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Vote No: Forced to Support Gay Marriage - Australian Conservatives Browse 'Vote No' Campaign Material 4. Indoctrination Centres 5. Legal Cases & Lawsuits 6. Refusal to Serve Same Sex Weddings 7. Businesses Fined 8. Free Speech Under Attack 9. Forced to Support Gay Marriage 10. hozier-irish-gay-marriage-vote | USA TODAY May 23, 2015 · Hozier celebrates Irish vote on gay marriage. The Irish singers' only regret? That he was out of the country for the history-making moment. Post to Facebook. Date set for gay marriage vote - ITV News A bill to legalise gay marriage is being published by the government today. Culture Secretary Maria Miller said the bill would ensures "equal and fair" treatment MPs will be have their first chance to vote on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill on 5th February, when the bill will have its second reading.


international news: gay marriage in portugal | Emma's House in Portugal The Parliament here voted on Friday to permit gay marriage in Portugal. Thank god they avoided the embarrassment of a public referendum, where the idea surely would've sunk like towels at a Sydney sauna. The economy certainly doesn't need any 'no' votes at this point and a bit of garage tourism... no gay marriage | Tumblr legal Sagittarius: australia voted to make gay marriage legal Capricorn: australia voted to make gay marriage legal Aquarius: australia voted to Today it's been exactly 18 years since the first lesbian and gay couple in the world got married. They were married by the mayor of Amsterdam at the time. Australian senate rejects proposal on gay marriage vote - Nerve Media The vote should be parliamentary as that is the quickest and possibly the most unbiased kind of vote. Polls show that most of the Australian population has no issue with gay marriage and would completely support legalizing it. Australia is one of the most secular and progressive countries in the world. Gay Marriage - End Of Innocence

Same-Sex Marriage and the “No” Campaign - Australian Academy of ... Same-Sex Marriage and the “No” Campaign to 62%.2 Overall, 79.5% of the population voluntarily voted in the postal survey, and 61.6% of respondents voted  ... Tony Abbott Is Now Trying To Claim Credit For Marriage Equality 12 Feb 2019 ... Tony Abbott, who fought to delay marriage equality for years, now reckons he ... “I say to you if you don't like same-sex marriage, vote no. Same-sex marriage vote: How your electorate voted | Daily Telegraph

'New Irish' Christians mobilise to vote no to gay marriage | World news

Oct 21, 2013 ... As to the "defense'' of traditional marriage: There is no legitimate proof that same-sex marriages have any impact whatsoever on other families ... Australia gay marriage referendum: Public votes ′Yes′ | News | DW ... Nov 14, 2017 ... Australia gay marriage referendum: Public votes 'Yes'. Results ... Only 17 constituencies, known as electorates, in the whole country voted "No.". Australians Strongly Endorse Same-Sex Marriage | Best Countries ... Nov 15, 2017 ... As the public strongly weighs in, observers say legalizing same-sex ... "Without marriage equality, it keeps us separate and different," says Saskia, who ... "And, if you don't like political correctness, vote no because voting no ... I'm same-sex attracted and I'm voting No - MercatorNet

The German parliament vote result was 393 for and 226 against. Angela Merkel's government has taken a step towards redefining the institution of marriage, a Volker Beck, a prominent German gay rights activist and a member of the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany, celebrated the...

8 Dec 2017 ... In addition to three members of the Coalition and a crossbencher who voted no, at least 10 Government MPs chose to abstain from Thursday's ... Why Australia's same-sex marriage result was not a surprise - BBC ... 16 Nov 2017 ... Polls had long shown Australians supported same-sex marriage, yet the results of a national vote have generated intense discussion. Political ... Taiwan votes against same-sex marriage in referendum — Quartz 25 Nov 2018 ... Over the weekend, Taiwanese voters were asked to answer yes or no to this question, as part of a referendum: “Do you agree that Civil Code ... Australia Same-Sex Marriage Vote Spawns Toxic Debate - NBC News

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